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Stocks On A Budget, Lets Look at 2 Cheap Stocks We Like Right Now

Pyxis Oncology Inc. (PYXS, Nasdaq)

A clinical stage bio tech focused on treating difficult to cure cancers, currently developing next generation therapeutics.

From a technical perspective, this BioTech stock doesn't offer much in the way of historic data to utilise. However if you look closely you will notice the pump of 200% on the 28th March which caught our attention. The rally was a result of Pfizer buying an additional 1.8M shares for a total cost of $5M, bringing the Pharma giants total ownership to nearly 6M shares.

PXYS remain stable from a cash flow perspective with $180m of free investing cash however they currently have an EPS of -3.65, although up from -8.95 last year. The financials are not supportive of a 'safe' bet or high yielding investment given they dont pay dividends, however its quite typical with stocks of this nature. Ultimately investors are betting on a breakthrough of some type to capitalise.

Currently we are trading back below $3 once again providing great upside potential and reduced risk relative to the other bio stocks given the support of Pfizer. According to Wall Street analysts, we can expect a price target of between $12 - $16 by 2024.

Note: Bio Tech stocks carry higher risk.

Chicken Soup for the Soul (CSSE)

Chicken Soup for the Soul is a media company which produces and distributes digital content across all platforms. The data show the stock price reaching nearly $48 in June 2021, where as now the company is trading at only $1.5 per share. Let's take a closer look why this might be.

To start off, it's not from a lack of revenue, in fact revenue from 2019 has been a one way train climbing from $55m to $252m. With that, the company has had to absorb much higher costs to fuel this growth, unfortunately eating away at the bottom line. Net profit during the same period has tumbled from -$31m to -$139m, resulting in an EPS of -2.92 to -6.45 ultimately losing investor confidence.


  • CEO Rouhana William purchased $4.3M of stock at $2.5 on April 3rd 2023

  • Wall Street analysts target $9 average, some as high as $12 within 12months


With any cheap stock ideas carry high risk as a result of poor analyst coverage, and instability in their finances as we can see with these 2 picks. There EPS and bottom line are not moving in the right direction however this is typically the case for new to market companies, and especially the case for Biotech stocks.

With that in mind, small exposure could huge upside gain however be prepared for stagnant periods or even prolonged drawdown, i.e. diversify well.


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