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London Hypo 9th March

Heavy selling on GBP on Tuesday was followed by a low volume day yesterday printing this bell curve pattern on the profile. As per AMT (auction market theory), we can expect yesterdays Value areas to hold on the AM and daily timeframe which gives us a long bias as we have opened above. Any dips into Frankfurt or London open will be opportunities to buy short term. The line in the sand (support) is marked by a cluster of strong levels which would need to hold in order to bounce.

GBP futures (6b, march)

VWAP angle: 43 (bullish)

Line in the sand for longs: 1.1825 (Daily VAL, AM VAL)

Daily Profile

AM session profile

GBPUSD - 5 min candlestick chart

Euro futures (6b, march)

Similarly, Euro futures had a sideways low volume day yesterday therefore we have a cluster of support just below market price. If the market can hold, we can expect to see a bounce as per AMT. The line in the sand marks the final point of support that would need to hold for this idea to remain valid.

VWAP Angle: 43 (bullish)

Line in the sand: 1.1530

Daily Profile

Am session Profile

EURUSD 5min candlestick chart

Assuming we can get a pullback on EURUSD, we can look at these key zones for potential entries. Confirmation always needed to trade around these zones, its much higher risk setting orders as there is no guarantee they will hold.


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