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London Hypo 6th March

EURO Futures (6e, March)

Auctioning higher this morning as per AMT on the daily and morning session charts, we are trading outside value area on the profiles. Expecting a continuation to the upside on the likes of EURUSD as we have no real resistance up ahead for at least another 40pips where we have Daily and Am POC's.

Daily Profiles

AM session profile

EURUSD trading view

GBP Futures (6b, March)

GBP futures showing consolidation around previous AM VAL as I write this (potential short area). There is still the possibility of a bullish drive higher into Daily POC before a intraday sell off therefore footprint confirmation required.

Trading View GBPUSD candlestick chart

We will be monitoring for a short entry only to take the market back to key buying areas for the short term. We still expect a run on 1.1850 (or lower) before any major trends up develop.


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