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London Hypo 28th Feb

After a strong bullish run yesterday, we are provided with some discount zones to be selling from. We remain bearish with the view of the low at 1.1850 being swept before a larger bullish run.

If we can get a bounce on the London open, we will monitor strong resistance level made up of VAH, Poor high and a single print consolidated in a close range of around 15 pips.

GBP Futures (6B, March)

Daily Profile

GBP AM Session profile

EUR Futures (6E, March)

AM session profile

The daily profile - still shows a strong level of resistance similarly to GBP consisting of VAL, VAH, poor high and a single print all within a 10pip range, therefore if bull find the strength to drive price into our green zones, we will look for footprint confirmation to take shorts in around 1.1630/ 1.1640.


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