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London Hypo 22nd June

GBP Futures (6B, Sep)

We are looking for a dip in the London session to take a long position (short term) retesting key areas above (Daily POC). If we break through key support, consider waiting the afternoon session in search for further short positions.



GBPUSD 15min candlestick chart - we can expect a bounce from the key area however we will monitor running positions for momentum if this levels hold with the first target in at the previous days London highs.

EURO Futures (6B, Sep)

We are trading in the middle of nowhere this morning on Euro, giving us little in the way of trading levels. Bullish momentum remains strong therefore dips would be considered buying opportunities. The daily TPO has a few levels of interest if we get a dip this afternoon.


Daily TPO

EURUSD 15min chart - For the time being this is just a long idea, we will take the market as it comes and will not use orders. The London session has nothing interesting in terms of profiles therefore any positions would be considered high risk.


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