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London Hypo 22nd Feb

GBP Futures (6B)

The daily chart shows a clear line in the sand above the Asian high for this market to remain bearish. FOMC meeting this evening may give us the momentum we have been waiting on for the past few weeks for another push into 1.1850. As for intraday short positions, the AM chart doesn't show us clear levels therefore any bounce would be considered valuable as long as we dont get a clean break above the asian high.

Daily Profile

AM Profile chart



EUR Futures (6E)

London session showing potential or a rally after running the single print low on the daily profile (below), and rejecting of AM POC also. With this in mind we can see clear resistance just above the Asia high that is the naked POC on the daily and on the AM session chart. With that in mind we would prefer to await a bounce in the Euro before considering further shorts.

You will notice on the trading view chart below these key levels are well aligned and are really the only we are interested in for EURUSD this morning.

Daily Profile
AM session profile


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