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London hypo 17th Feb

GBP Futures (6B)

Heavy selling overnight leaves AM profile in the middle of nowhere however looking at higher timeframes we are sitting on some keys areas going into the london open.

GBP Futures Daily

Sitting on naked POC which I will consider strong support as long as it holds

GBP Futures Weekly

Sitting on Value area low untapped from a few weeks ago, aligning perfectly with Daily key level, adding more confluence to the idea of a quick counter trend bounce into london session


EURO Futures (6E) Am session

Starting with the AM session chart, we can see a naked POC just 15 pips or so above market price, this provides the first selling opportunity given a bounce although if USD weakens on the open may push through this into higher levels

Euro Futures (6E) Am session

Not a great level here to trade from, watching above if we get there for selling zones


Watching highlighted zones for a sell off staying with the bearish momentum


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