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10th March Hypos

GBP Futures (6B, June)

Sitting on high vol node on the daily, we have pushed into an interesting area on the daily and AM profile. Potential for a short position from around the 1.1980 mark on the futures chart.

VWAP angle: +56 (bullish)

Strategy: sell at +2SD when aligns with key profile levels

Line in the sand for shorts: 1.1960 (trading view)

AM session profile

Having tapped into naked POC in the AM chart, aligning with the daily high vol node, possible short position into London

VWAP / Footprint

I have added this to show the area where are currently trading at, having a high sell side delta rejection off the monthly VWAP, and absorption of buyers on the footprint, we favour a sharp sell off into London open as long as we hold below these key levels.

Candlestick 15 min chart - GBPUSD

EUR Futures (6E, June)

Expecting a continued sell off throughout London session pre NFP this afternoon. Euro futures pricing much higher than FXMC spot price, nearly 80pips, perhaps a tell tale to expect bullish prices in the near future.

VWAP angle: -5 (neutral)

Strategy: Flat VWAP indicates rotational session therefore BUY -2SD, SELL +2SD

Daily profile -

Nothing interesting on the daily profile just yet, key short area from naked POC if the market were to auction that high. Otherwise preference is to stick with session timeframes for more accuracy.

AM session profile

Some key levels below (marked on trading view chart) as expected targets for any downside push.

VWAP - Green zones represent standard deviation zones therefore buying and selling areas throughout London session

EURUSD candlestick 15min chart

With little in the way of interesting levels and a flat VWAP, trade ideas evolve around VWAP and standard deviations, in conjunction with supply / demand zones

Trade idea ahead for EURUSD if we can hold this mornings supply we could push back down towards the AM naked POC


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